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To Schedule a Reiki Session



Phone:  (865) 659-9672

Class Schedule

Please see "Reiki Classes" tab for scheduled Reiki classes or contact me.


Sam and Simon are my foster fails!  They are all grown up now, but still live here as indoor/outdoor pets =^.^=


Sam  enjoys helping with classes!

What "They're Saying"

about Reiki Balance N Bliss Reiki Classes

*Excellent class. So enlightening and thorough and enjoyable. I would take it again sheerly for the joy of it.


*Thank you for the amount of depth and detail that is put into this class. I appreciate the safe space provided to learn and practice Reiki.


*It was wonderful and relaxing. I felt like I learned a lot of valuable information and techniques.


*Good environment, good energy, good class size, sufficient practice time, reasonable cost. Thank you!


*A wonderful enlightening class. Sandy was completely prepared and very knowledgeable.


*I am leaving here with an excitement to begin my Reiki journey.


*The class was a beautiful introduction to my new Reiki World! Everything was well thought out and prepared. Thank you!

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