The Three Levels

of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki

Please see Reiki Classes tab for upcoming classes and prices.  All classes include class manual, attunement, certificate and ongoing support. 


~The three levels of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki~

* Reiki Level I ($200) one-day class concentrates on self healing and enables one to give Reiki nonprofessionally to friends, family, pets, the environment, plants, medicine, food, herbs  No previous experience necessary.  You also learn the basics of Reiki including the history of Reiki, Japanese techniques, hand positions, how to give yourself and others a Reiki session.

*Reiki Level II ($200) one-day class enables one to send distant healing and also to treat on the emotional level. Prerequisite for this class is Reiki I. After attunement to Reiki II, one becomes a Reiki II practitioner and is able to charge a fee for Reiki sessions.  You will be attuned to the Reiki symbols in this class! You will learn the Power symbol, the all purpose symbol that boosts the Reiki energy; the Emotional symbol, used for any emotional issue such as depression, anxiety and also the one I used to stop smoking; and the Distant symbol, used for sending Reiki over any distance and also forward and back in time.

*Reiki Level III the Master class is divided into two separate classes:  the Advanced Reiki Training class and the Reiki Master Practitioner class which enables one to become a Reiki Master/Teacher after teaching one other person Reiki. Descriptions for each of the Master classes follows:


~The Advanced Reiki Techniques or ART ($250) a one-day class, is the first part of the Master class.  Prerequisites are Reiki I and II.   You will receive the Master symbol in this class. We will make a crystal Reiki grid and talk about the use of crystals with Reiki. You will also learn advanced Reiki techniques for use on yourself and others.  


~The Master/Practitioner ($550) this 3-day class is the second part of Reiki level III. You will be a Reiki Master Practitioner after this class and will become a Reiki Master/Teacher after you teach one other person Reiki :)  In this 3-day class you will learn how to channel attunements for all three levels of Reiki and how to do a healing attunement. We will also discuss how to develop your own Reiki practice.  Attendance all three days is required for certification. This class is for you whether you are interested in teaching Reiki at this point in time or if you would just like to complete all levels of Reiki training for your own personal use.  Prerequisites for the Master class are Reiki I, II and the first part of Reiki III (Advanced Reiki Training).  All class must have been in an in-person class and have certification from a qualified Reiki Master Teacher. 




All Training Manuals are from the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)

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Reiki Students with Certificates

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Advanced Reiki Training Students Create Crystal Reiki Grids 

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Advanced Reiki Practitioners with Certificates